Scholarship Program

The Rye Chamber of Commerce Award

Recipient 2019 Scholarship Award

Julia Koester was our recipient for 2019.  Her sponsor was Jennifer Howard owner of JWH Design & Cabinetry.

Julia worked as an office assistant for 3 years. Julia became a valuable member of their team.  She assisted in a variety of tasks and easily adjusted to weekly changes.  She was highly though of by her employer.

Applicant must be a Rye student who has been employed by a member of the Rye Chamber of Commerce in good standing or a Rye Non-profit for at least six months, working a minimum of six hours per week.

Student needs a letter of recommendation for his/her supervisor.

The student must also write a one page essay explaining what their work has meant to them and what their plans are for the future. Tell us about your work experience and how meaningful it was to you.

Please include how you have personally developed since you started working and if you have had to make any sacrifices in order to work. (essay should be about one page in length)

Mail to Rye Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 72, Rye, NY 10580